Can you help us to register our own company in Singapore?

No, at present we don’t offer this service. But we can recommend (or) pass your contact to our partner agencies, which are recognized by the Singapore government.

Do we require a physical visit to Sign a contract with you in Singapore?

We recommend your presence during the signing of contract in Singapore. But it is not mandatory.

If required will you provide additional services for our business in Singapore?

Yes, we can provide additional business services based on your request at an addition cost from the package availed. Contact us for more details.

Will you provide sales person to sell our products/services in Singapore keeping as HQ for APJ region?

Yes, we can search and appoint a salesperson on your behalf. He/She can exclusively work for your company on your behalf in Singapore. This will be a paid service; can be available only you have enrolled with us for representative office package.


Can you do admission services other than colleges mentioned in your website?

Yes, we do admission to other universities based on the college requirements and examinations.

Do you charge an application fee?

Depending on the college admission policy, for some college admission fee is waivered.

Do you offer career guidance program to other students who have not enrolled through you?

No, we don’t offer. Career guidance is exclusively for students enrolled through us.

How long will it take to get the result of admission?

Depends on the university you have enrolled for. It may vary from 1 week to 6 months.

Till date what is your success rate?

We have highly qualified professionals working with us. Till date it is 100%, we don’t any rejections in the past.

What is TECHKNOT Solution Scholarship?

During the process of admission to universities, you can opt to enroll for the scholarship. Acceptance of the scholarship program is purely on the basis of merit. Colleges are not a part of this program and this is sponsored by TECHKNOT Solution to encourage the students.

Will you do admission services to other countries those are not mentioned in your website?

Yes, we have highly qualified professionals who can help you in your application process to other universities.