Professional Certificate in Retail and Sales Management


The Professional Certificate in Retail and Sales Management is particularly designed to equip students with broad and in-depth knowledge, skills and values relevant for employment in the retail and sales industry. Students are required to demonstrate interpersonal, self-study, research and presentation skills throughout the qualification.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide students broad understanding of retail and sales management strategies. Students will learn internal and external factors affect retail business, retail mix and sales management strategies;
  • To provide clear under-standing of how to create a good shopping experience that builds customer loyalty in retail environment. Students will learn customer service skills, problem solving skills and communication skills;
  • To provide clear understanding of retail merchandising functions, merchandise planning and buying and merchandising staff’s
  • To introduce students to a range of functions within the retail industry, which includes, merchandise functions, serving retail customers, arranging merchandise for display and performing a variety of retail shop operations and sales management strategies.

Course Duration

Full Time: 6 Months (3 months Institutional Studies +3 months Industrial Attachment)


  1. Retail and Sales Management Strategy
  2. Managing Sales and Service
  3. Retail Merchandise Management
  4. Industrial Attachment -Importance of Retail and Sales Management

Entry Requirements

Programme Fee

International Student

Application Fee:              S$ 139.10

Full – time Programme

Course Fee* :    S$3,000
Assessment Fee* :    S$250
Course Material Fee* :    S$200
Medical Insurance* :    S$50

International students can enjoy fee discount for certain programmes. Please contact our Sales & Marketing consultant for more information.

* All fees are exclusive of 7% GST & 3% FPS and may be subject to change.
*The above does not include Miscellaneous Fees, which refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which the student will pay only when necessary or applicable. Such fees are normally collected on an ad-hoc basis by the PEI when the need arises.