Best Design Blogs from Health & Wellness

Hello people, Greetings from Techknot Solution. We have come up with some good designed and informative blog in the Health and Wellness Industry. Take time from your regular machine life to check some of the health tips from these blogs.

Based on various aspects like Website Speed, Information, Design, Navigation throughout the blog. We have rated from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest score and 5 Being the highest score.

1. Organic Food and products by Madhavi

The author of this blog is from India and has a wide knowledge of the food industry. While there are many blog posts on their blogging page, this blog post seeks our special attention: “10 ways to get fresh and cheaper organic fruits and vegetables”.
Visit Blog: Organic Food and products by Madhavi
Techknot Solution Rating: 4.7


Squaremyhealth focuses on shaping your lifestyle. Out of all the articles publishes, the best one was “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE NEED OF MODERN LIFE”. This article covers all the important things needed to live a healthy life.

Visit Blog: Squaremyhealth
Techknot Solution Rating: 4.8


Nilesh Nirgude has a deep understanding of the Food Industry and mastered the article he has given up his blog posts. The site design is simple and user-friendly. He also has an option to contact him through his blog for any further queries.

Visit Blog: Nilesh Nirgude Blog
Techknot Solution Rating: 4.7


Healthy Lifestyle blog is full of information related to living a healthy and happy life. The author of this blog has mastered the art of Healthy lifestyle. This blog also gives you more insights and tips on various day to day health problems and suggest how to reduce weights and exercises to follow. The website is well designed and blog posts are updated at regular intervals of time. The author keeps the site more active with hand lot of information.

Visit Blog: Healthy Lifestyle
Techknot Solution Rating: 4.7

5. Styletofitness

Styletofitness explains more about the fitness of health. New blog working very hard to give quality information about the health industry. Design of the website is good.

Visit Blog: Styletofitness
Techknot Solution Rating: 4.5

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