Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management (Top Up)


The Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme’s objective is to train students for operational and administrative management positions. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in international hotel and restaurant management.

Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of this highly internationalized and multicultural academic program, and coursework is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.The faculty strives to attain outrivaled teaching standards by pushing back the boundaries in their respective disciplines and coursework complements practical training, cultural and technical seminars.

Consisting of a fixed curriculum of required courses, students alternate coursework with practical situations in which they have the opportunity to apply and test what they have learned while attending the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme.

Learning Objectives

Students, who have by now acquired legal, economic and linguistic capacities, are ready to manage teams at school. In this year, they develop their analytical capabilities, call upon the knowledge accumulated so far, devise strategies and take decisions.

Course Duration

Full Time: 6 Months

Part Time: 6 Months

Industrial Attachment: 6 Months


  1. Introduction to Cost Control (50 hours)
  2. Marketing III (24 hours)
  3. Human Resources III (24 hours)
  4. Taxation (24 hours)
  5. IT Applications III (24 hours)
  6. Career Project (10 hours)
  7. Multicultural Management (24 hours)
  8. Public Relations and Advertising (24 hours)
  9. Geopolitics (10 hours)
  10. Wine, Beer and Spirits (10 hours)
  11. Tourism and Travelling (24 hours)
  12. Negotiations (24 hours)
  13. Business Communication III (50 hours)
  14. French III (30 hours)
  15. Managerial Experience (8 weeks)
  16. Industrial Attachment (6 months)

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age


Language Requirement

Attainment of TOEFL 500(173 PC), IELTS 5.0, or equivalent

Academic Requirement

SDH Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, or
SDH Advanced Diploma in Events Management, or
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management studies by 4-Year EduTrust Certified PEIs (Such as SHATEC); or
Completion of 2 years recognised Bachelor’s Degree in the same field) or Polytechnic Diploma in Hospitality/Tourism related field

Work Experience

6-months Internship / work experience in the Hospitality and Tourism sector

Programme Fee

Application Fee:              S$ 214

Course Fee:                     S$ 15,000